Teksty piosenek / S / Sham 69

  14 Years


  Angels With Dirty Faces


  Borstal Breakout

  Borstal Breakout (Extended Version)

  Break On Through

  Breeding Dinosaurs

  Caroline's Suitcase

  Chasing The Moon

  Cold Blue In The Night

  Everybody's Right, Everybody's Wrong

  Evil Way

  Family Life

  Feel It

  Fly Dark Angel

  Geoffrey Thomas

  George Davis Is Innocent

  Get A Life


  Hersham Boys

  Hey Little Rich Boy

  Hurry Up Harry

  If The Kids Are United

  I'm a Man, I'm a boy

  I'm Mad

  Information Libertaire

  Is This Me Or Is This You

  It's Never Too Late

  Joey's On The Street


  King Kong Drinks Coca-Cola

  Leave Me Alone

  Listen Up

  Little Bit Of This

  Lost On Highway 46


  Mary's Sofa


  Otis Redding

  Planet Trash

  Questions And Answers

  Roxy Was A Tourist

  Saturdays And Strangeways


  Spunky Candy

  Stevie (Sweet As A Nut)


  Sunday Morning Nightmare


  Tell Us the Truth

  That's Life

  The Doctors Song




  What About the Lonely

  What Have We Got

  Who Gives A Damn

  Wild And Wonderful


  Win Or Lose

  You're A Better Man Than I

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