Teksty piosenek / S / Shakin' Stevens

  A letter to you

  A love worth waiting for you

  A rockin good way

  Baby if we touch

  Baby you're a child

  Bad reputation

  Because i love you

  Brand new man

  Breaking up my heart

  Cry just a little bit


  Don't be two faced

  Don't knock upon my door

  Give me your heart tonight

  Good rockin tonight

  Green door

  Hot dog

  I guess i was a fool

  I'll be home this christmas

  I'll be satisfied

  I'm knockin

  I'm leaving you

  Is a bluebird blue

  I told you so

  It's good for you

  It's late

  It's raining



  Lawdy miss Clowdy

  Lipstick, power and paint

  Lonely blue boy

  Love attack

  Love out now

  Love you out loud

  Make me know you're mine

  Marie Marie

  Merry christmas everyone

  Mona Lisa


  My cutie cutie


  Oh Julie



  Shooting gallery

  Shotgun boogie


  Tell me one more time

  The green door

  The Green Door

  This ole house

  Turning away

  Two hearts, two kisses

  What do you want to make this eyes for me

  You drive me crazy

  Your ma said you cried in bed last night

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