Teksty piosenek / S / Sepultura


  A hora e a vez do cabelo nascer

  A look at tomorrow

  Altered state




  Anti- cop



  Beneath the remains

  Bestial devastation

  Biotech is Godzilla

  Black magic [original: Slayer]

  Border wars

  Born stubborn


  Breed apart


  C.I.U (Criminals in uniform)

  Clenched fist

  Common Bonds



  Dead embryonic cells

  Desperate cry


  Drowned out

  Drug me


  Empire of the damned

  Endangered species

  Escape to the void

  Floaters in mud

  From the past comes the storm

  Funeral rites

  Haltred aside

  Head up

  Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing

  Holiday in Cambodia

  Human cause


  Infected voice

  Inhuman nature

  Inner self



  Look away


  Mass hypnosis


  Meaningless movements


  Monologo ao pe de ouvido

  Morbid visions




  Old earth

  One man army





  Prenuncio (english)

  Primitive future

  Procreation of the wicked


  Protest and survive


  Refuse - Resist




  R.I.P (Rest in pain)

  Roots bloody roots



  Sarcastic existence

  Screams behind the shadows

  Septic schizo


  Show me the wrath

  Slave new world

  Slaves of pain



  Stronger than hate



  The curse

  The hunt

  The past reborns the storm

  The waste

  The ways of faith

  To the wall

  Tribe to a nation

  Troops of doom

  Uma Cura


  Under siege

  Vox populi


  Warriors of death


  We who are not as others

  Who must die

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki