Teksty piosenek / S / Sentenced

  Aika multaa muistot

  Awaiting the winter frost

  Beyond the wall of sleep


  Bleed in my arms

  Blood & tears

  Brief is the light


  Capture of fire

  Cross my heart and hope to die

  Crumbling down

  Dead leaves

  Dead moon rising

  Desert by night


  Drown together


  Excuse me while i kill myself

  Fields of blood

  Forever lost

  For the love i bear


  Funeral spring

  Grave sweet grave

  Grumbling down

  Guilt and regret

  I ll throw the first rock

  Keep my grave open

  Killing me killing you

  Let go (the last chapter)

  Love and death


  My sky is darker than thine

  My slowing heart



  New age messiah

  No one there


  Northern lights

  No tomorrow


  Ode to the end

  One more day



  Sun wont shine

  The luxury of a grave

  The rain comes falling down

  The river

  The suicider

  The trooper

  The truth

  The war ain't over

  The way i wanna go

  Warrior of life


  With bitterness and joy

  You are the one

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki