Teksty piosenek / S / Sarah McLachlan




  As the end draws near

  Back Door Man

  Ben's Song


  Black and white

  Black & White


  Building A Mystery


  Dark angel

  Dear God

  Dirty little secret

  Do What I Have To Do

  Do What You Have To Do

  Drawn To The Rhythm





  Full Of Grace

  Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

  Gloomy sunday

  Good Enough

  Hold On



  Ice Cream

  I Love You

  Into The Fire

  I Will Not Forget You

  I Will Remember You

  Last Dance




  Ol' 55

  Out Of The Shadows

  Perfect girl



  Prayer Of Saint Francis


  Sad Clown


  Silence (delirium)

  Song For A Winter's Night


  Strange World


  Sweet Surrender

  The Path Of Thorns

  The Path of Thorns (Terms)





  Uphill Battle



  Wear Your Love Like Heaven

  When She Loved Me

  When some body loved me


  World on fire

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