Teksty piosenek / S / Santana

  Africa Bamba

  Agua que va caer

  All i ever wanted

  All the love of the universe


  Amore (Sexo)

  Angel negro

  Aye Aye Aye

  Black magic woman

  Body surfing

  Breaking out

  Brightest star





  Corazon Espinado

  Corazon espinado (eng)

  (Da Le) Yaleo

  Dance sister dance baila mi hermana

  Daughter of the night

  Day Of Celebration

  Deeper, dig deeper

  Do you like the way

  El nicoya

  E papa re


  Every ghetto, every city

  Evil ways

  Feels Like Fire

  Free all the people (South Africa)

  Game of love


  Give and take

  Give me love


  Gypsy woman

  Hard times

  How long

  Hoy Es Adios


  Let it shine

  Let me inside

  Let the children play

  Let there be light

  Life is anew

  Life is for living

  Lightning in the sky

  Light of life


  Love devotion and aurrender

  Love Of My Life

  Make somebody happy

  Maria Caracoles

  Maria Maria




  Move on

  Night hunting time

  No one to depend on

  Nothing At All


  Nowhere to run

  One chain

  One Of These Days

  One with the sun

  Open invitation

  Over and over

  Oxun (Oshun)

  Oye Como Va

  Para los rumberos

  Peace on earth


  Practice what you preach



  Put Your Lights On

  Reach up

  Right now

  Right on


  Say it again

  Shades of time


  Since Supernatural


  Somewhere in heaven

  Songs of freedom


  Stand up


  Stone flower


  Summer lady


  Tell me, are you tired

  The Game Of Love

  The Nile

  The river

  The sensitive kind


  Try a little harder

  Two points of view

  Vera Cruz

  Victim of circumstance

  Well all right

  What does it take

  When i look into your eyes

  Who loves you

  Why Don't You & I


  Wishing It Was

  Written in sand


  You are everything to me

  You Are My Kind

  You Are My Kind

  Yours is the light

  Your touch

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