Teksty piosenek / S / Sailor

  A glass of champagne

  All i need is a girl

  Ashes and Diamonds

  Big bamboo

  Blame it on the soft spot

  Blue desert

  Catwalk girls

  Checkpoint Charlie


  Cool breeze


  Danger on the Titanic

  Don't look a gift horse

  Don't send flowers

  Down by the docks

  Girls girls girls

  Give me la samba

  Give me shakespeare



  Hat check girl

  It's christmas again

  It takes two to tango

  I wish i had a way with women

  Jamaica girl

  Joe's pianola

  Josephine Baker

  Karma chameleon

  Keep off the streets at night

  Knock knock

  La cumbia

  Latin eyes

  Latino lover

  Let's go to town

  Lover's blues


  Mambo loco


  Memory lane


  My girl

  My kind of girl

  Nickelodeon nights

  Nothing has changed

  One drink too many

  One life one love one day

  Open up the door

  Out of money


  Pearl harbor

  People in love

  Precious form

  Private eye

  Put your mouth where the money is

  Pyjama party

  Quay hotel




  Sailor's night on the town

  Saint John

  She's my kind of girl



  Stay the night

  Stay with me now

  Stiletto heels

  Stop that man

  Stranger in Paris

  Street lamp

  The girls of Amsterdam

  The old nickelodeon sound

  The secretary

  The street

  Traffic jam

  Trouble in Hong Kong

  Two ladies on the corner

  Vera from vera cruz

  When it hurts you

  When my ship comes in

  Who cares

  Who will stop the rain

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki