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  Alright, alright

  Alright Alright (Here's My Fist Where's The Fight?

  A Perfect Mess

  Are You Happy Now?

  Bitten By Beautiful Teeth


  Down And Out

  Downhill Race

  Drive Dead Slow

  Face Wet

  Fall Into Line

  Fire Alarm

  Holding My Own Hand

  I Know Exactly What To Do

  Impressed By Me

  Keep Up The Speed


  No Big Deal

  Nothing Yet

  Now Tonight

  Oh Darling

  Only The Fakes Survive

  On Top Of Your World

  Our Very Own

  Out Of The System

  Push On Some More

  Quite A Feeling

  Rockaway Beach

  Suits Anyone Fine


  Teenage Kicks

  That's What They Do

  This Time Today

  Too Cold For You

  Wake Up

  We're Not Going Down

  Whirlwind Reaper

  With Or Without Control

  Yes, He Is

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