Teksty piosenek / R / Running wild

  Adrian (S.O.S)

  adventure galley

  agents of black

  Anged, drawn, and quartered

  bad to the bone

  ballad of william kidd

  battle of waterloo

  Billy the kid

  black demon

  Black Hand Inn

  Black soul

  Black wings of death

  Blazon Stone

  bloody red rose

  branded and exiled

  chains & leather

  Curse, The

  Dancing on a minefield

  death or glory


  Diabolic force


  evil spirit


  Fight the Fire of Hate

  fight the oppression


  fire & ice

  fire & thunder

  Fistful of dynamite

  Freewind Rider


  Genghis khan


  heads or tails

  Jenning's revenge

  kiss of death

  Lead or gold

  Lions of the sea

  Little big horn

  Little Big Horn


  man on the moon

  marching to die

  march on



  Men in black



  Mr. Deadhead

  Phantom of Black Hand Hill, The

  Pile of skulls

  poisoned blood

  Powder and Iron


  Privateer, The


  Raise your fist

  Raw ride

  realm of shades

  Rebel at heart



  return of the dragon

  riding the storm

  Roaring thunder

  rolling wheels

  running blood


  Sinister eyes


  Soldiers of hell

  Soleil royal


  straight to hell

  The contract/The crypts of hades

  the poison

  The privateer

  The Rivalry

  tortuga bay

  Treasure island

  Under jolly roger


  victim of states power

  Walpurgis night

  war & peace

  Wheel of doom


  White buffalo

  white masque

  Win or be drowned

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