Teksty piosenek / R / Rufus Wainwright

  A bit of you

  Across the universe

  April fools



  Banks of the wabash


  Beauty mark


  Cigarettes and chocolate milk

  Complainte de la butte

  Damned ladies

  Danny boy

  Do you love an apple

  Evil angel

  Foolish love

  Greek song

  Grey gardens


  Harvester of hearts


  Imaginary love

  I'm a runnin'

  In a graveyard

  In my arms

  Instant pleasure

  Liberty cabbage

  Little sister

  Matinee idol


  Oh what a world

  One man guy


  Quand vous mourrez de nos amours

  Rainbow crossing

  Rebel prince

  Rose that needs water

  Sally Ann


  Somewhere over the rainbow


  That night

  The consort

  The money song

  The tower of learning

  Two gold rings

  What are you doing new year's Eve

  When will i be loved

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