Teksty piosenek / R / Rotting Christ

  A dead poem

  A dynasty from the ice


  After dark i fell

  Agmenth, thy gift

  Among two storms


  As if by magic

  Between times

  Cold colours


  Diastric alchemy

  Dive the deepest abyss

  Exiled archangels


  Feast of the grand whore

  Full colour is the night

  Gloria de domino inferni

  His sleeping majesty

  Ice shaped god

  If it ends tomorrow

  Imaginary zone

  Inside the eye of algond

  Ira incensus


  King of a stellar war

  Mephesis of black crystal


  Morallity of a dark age

  My dimension

  My sacred path

  Non serviam

  One with the forest

  Out of spirit

  Restoration of the infernal Kingdom

  Shadows follow

  Sleep the sleep of angels

  Sorrowful farewell

  The fifth illusion

  The first field of the battle

  The forest of n'gai

  The fourth knight of revelation

  The hills of crucifixion

  The mystical meeting

  The nereid of esgalduin

  The old coffin spirit

  The opposite bank

  The perfect dream

  The sign of evil existence

  The world made end

  Thou art blind

  Time stands still

  Transform all suffering into plagues


  Visions of the dead lovers

  Where mortals have no pride

  Wolfera the chacal

  You are i

  You my flesh

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki