Teksty piosenek / R / Ron Sexsmith

  April after all

  At different times

  Average Joe

  Beautiful view

  Before we ever met

  Best friends

  Cheap hotel

  Child star

  Clown in broad daylight

  Disappearing act

  Don't ask why


  Dragonfly on bay street

  Every passing day


  Farewell thumbelina

  Feel for you

  First chance i get


  For a moment

  Former glory

  From a few streets over

  Galbraith street

  God loves everyone

  Gold in them hills

  Heart's desire

  Heart with no complaint

  Honest mistake

  In a flash

  In place of you

  It never fails

  Just my heart talking

  Keep it in mind

  Least that i can do

  Lebanon, Tennessee

  Miracle in itself

  Must've heard it wrong

  Never been done

  Nothing good

  Not too big

  One grey morning


  Pretty little cemetary

  Right about now


  Secret heart

  Seem to recall

  Several miles

  So young

  Speaking with the angel

  Strawberry blonde

  Summer blowin town

  Tell me again

  The idiot boy

  The less i know

  There's a rhythm

  These days

  Thinking out loud

  Thinly veiled disguise

  Thirsty love

  This song

  Up the road

  Wastin time

  While you're waiting

  Words we never use

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