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Rolling Stones - Hey Negrita

Tekst piosenki:

  Hey Negrita, hey now
  Move your body, move your mouth
  Shake lady, way down south
  Shake baby, in your home town
  Come si chiama, what's you game
  I'm just a poor man, what's your name
  Shake your body, do it up now
  Shake body, move it up now
  Hey Negrita, hey now
  Hey conchita, shake it up now
  Bate las caderas, do it up now
  Flash of gold in your ears, child
  Flash of gold in your eyes
  Saw the gleam in your mouth
  Saw the steel in your thighs
  Do it up now
  Bate las caderas, do it up now
  Just a momentita, not so fast
  I need money, my sweet ass
  Listen I'm a poor man
  My pay is low
  Here's one last dollar, then we go
  "One last dollar," she say "I got my pride"
  Going to get your boss, boy
  Going to tan your hide
  Hey Negrita, hey now
  Hey Negrita, do it right now

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