Teksty piosenek / R / Robyn Hitchcock

  Acid bird

  Agony of pleasure


  Arms of love

  Autumn is your last chance

  Autumn sea

  Beautiful girl

  Birds in perspex

  Brenda's iron sledge


  Certainly clickot

  City of shame

  Clean Steve

  Cynthia mask

  Driving aloud


  Falling leaves

  Flavour of night

  Flesh cartoons


  Furry green atom bowl

  Ghost of light

  Glass hotel

  Globe of frogs


  I got a message for you

  I often dream of trains

  I used to say i love you

  I watch the cars

  Kingdom of love


  Linctus house


  Madonna of the wasps


  Mellow together

  More than this

  My earthly paradise

  My favourite buildings

  One long pair of eyes

  Out of the picture

  Queen Elvis

  Railway shoes

  Raining twilight coast


  Serpent at the gates of wisdom

  She doesn't exist

  Sometimes i wish i was a pretty girl

  Sounds great when you're dead

  So you think you're in love

  Spoken word intro


  Sweet ghost of light


  The abandoned brain

  The bones in the ground

  The devil's coachman

  The lizard

  The man who invented himself

  The moon inside

  Then you're dust

  The shapes between us turn to animals

  The wreck of the Arthur Lee

  The yip song

  This could be the day

  Trams of old London

  Transparent lovers

  Uncorrected personality traits

  Vegetable friend

  Veins of the queen


  Wax doll

  When i was dead

  Winter love

  Ye sleeping knights of Jesus

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