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Robyn - Blow my mind

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   Straigt up from my heart you´re my number one
  An hey here´s the part I´m still having fun
  It´s like you´re the cloud underneath my feat
  And you´re the reason that breathe
  Becuse you blow my mind
  Becuse you blow my mind
  And the way you´re talking baby your so cool
  I´ll do anything for you...
  Hey baby ravish me, love me till it hurts
  Don´t you dare to leave , button down my skirt
  Kiss me quick i´m about to burst , patience ain´t my thing
  And you´re the reason that I sing
  Unbelievable, ooo it´s such a rush
  So incredible, boy you make me blush
  Just keep doing it , throw me into space
  And I´ll be floating there for days

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