Teksty piosenek / R / Robert Plant

  21 Years

  29 palms


  About a girl


  Big log

  Big love

  Billy's revenge

  Burning down one side

  Dance on my own

  Dark moon

  Don't look back

  Doo doo a do do

  Easily lead

  Far post

  Fat lip


  Heaven knows

  Helen of troy

  Hey Jayne

  Hip to hoo

  Horizontal departure

  How many more times

  Hurting kind

  I cried

  I get a thrill

  I got a woman

  In the mood

  Kallalou kallalou

  Liars dance

  Like i've never been gone

  Little by little

  Messin with the mekon

  Moonlight in samosa

  Mystery title

  Naked if i want to


  One love


  Other arms

  Pink and black

  Pledge pin

  Rockin at midnight

  Sea of love

  She said

  Ship of fools

  Sixes and sevens

  Slow dancer

  Song to the siren

  Stranger here than over there

  Tall cool one

  The only one

  The rain song

  The way i feel

  The window

  Thru with the two step

  Tie dye on the highway

  Too loud

  Trouble your money

  Walking towards paradise

  Watching you

  What is and what should never be

  When the levee breaks

  Whiskey from the glass

  White clean and neat

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