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River City Rebels - Devil In Skin

Tekst piosenki:

come down from bliss
  i feel your kiss
  you walk
  i wait
  i got a feeling my apology was much too late
  i hear your voice
  this ain't my choice
  my love has gone away
  i gotta write another letter to communicate
  i became a victim of my trust
  now i'm a lonely bitter man
  my broken heart was burnt to dust
  now i've got devil under skin
  i'm here
  you're there
  your dark black hair
  no way i'm going to extinguish this deep feeling that goes on and on
  your lips
  your touch
  i don't mean much
  my girl
  my kid
  i guess i don't know as much about you as i thought i did
  [Repeat chorus]
  ad now you're gone
  and life goes on
  i wish
  and i wait
  the lonely lovers are getting tired of living day to day
  my quiet telephone
  your picture's gone
  my love's gone away
  it's time i send another letter to communicate

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