Teksty piosenek / R / Right Said Fred

  Angel dust

  Bombay moon

  Bring your smile

  Deeply dippy

  Don't talk just kiss

  Do ya feel

  Everybody loves me

  Fraulein wunderbar

  Funk you

  Girls and boys

  I know what love is

  I love you but i don't like you

  I'm too sexy

  Insatiable you

  Is it true

  Jamaica Jerk

  Jesus is a clubber


  Lap dance junkie

  Like a woman

  Living on a dream

  Love for all seasons

  Lovers com

  Love song


  Night night

  No one on earth


  Something in your eyes

  Stand up

  Summertime fools


  The sun changes everything

  Those simple things

  Under a Simpsons sky

  Upon my heart

  You're my mate

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