Teksty piosenek / R / Ricky Nelson


  After the rain

  A girl like that

  All shook up

  A teenage idol

  A teenager's romance

  Be bop baby

  Believe what you say

  Be still

  Bits and pieces

  Cross my broken heart


  Don't leave me this way

  Do you believe in religion

  Everybody cries sometimes

  Everywhere i go

  Fill you up

  Five o'clock plane

  Fool's rush

  Forever isn't long enough

  From the word go

  Garden party


  Goin goin gone

  Hello Mary Lou

  I can hardly wait

  I can't live without your love and affection

  I'm walking

  Is that how it is

  It's late

  I've got a feelin

  I would if you want me to

  Just a little too much

  Just once more

  Keep one heart

  Kiss me when i cry

  Let's talk about me


  Lonesome town

  Love me not

  Love me today part II

  More than ever

  My bucket's got a hole in it

  Nobody wins in the end

  One minute to one

  One of the things about you

  Only a moment away

  Only time will tell

  Peace on earth

  Poor little fool

  Right before your eyes

  Running out of time

  Say it isn't so

  She gets down

  She loves me

  She said she'd be mine

  She Sheila

  She's way too cute for him

  Someone like you

  Sooner or later

  Stood up

  Sweeter than you

  Take it off

  Tears of pain

  Tell me

  The great escape

  The hunger

  The Judas mirror

  The silence is broken

  Too many dreams

  Travelin man

  Try my love

  Two heads are better than one

  Waitin in school

  We always want what we can't get

  We're all alright

  What about me

  What's in a name

  Why oh why

  Will you love me

  With this kiss

  Won't walk away

  You call that a mountain

  You know what i mean

  Young emotions

  Young world

  You talk too much

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