Teksty piosenek / R / Rick Springfield

  1000 Years

  Act of faith

  Affair of the heart

  All day and all of the night



  Are you going to find out

  Bad boy

  Beautiful feelings

  Beautiful prize

  Beethoven street

  Believe in me

  Big beautiful friday night

  Black is black

  Bop til you drop

  Born out of time

  Brand new feeling


  Calling all girls

  Carry me away

  Catch me if you can

  Celebrate youth

  Child within

  Christmas in Memphis

  Cold feet

  Come on everybody

  Comic book heroes

  Daddy's pearl

  Dance this world away

  Desperate lives

  Don't talk to strangers

  Don't walk away

  Doo wah diddy diddy

  Do you love your children

  Dream in colour

  Eleanor Rigby

  Everybody's cheating

  Everybody's girl

  Evil child



  Get off of my cloud





  His last words

  Hold onto your dream

  Hole in my heart

  Honeymoon in Beirut

  Hooky Jo

  How do you talk to girls

  Human touch

  I can't stop hurting you

  I didn't mean to love you

  If we can help one another

  I get excited

  I know that it's magic

  I'm your superman

  I need you

  Inside silvia

  Intergalactic circus of wonders

  I've done everything for you

  I want you


  Jessie's girl

  Just gotta sing

  Just one kiss

  Just one look



  Language of love

  Let it shine

  Life is a celebration

  Like father like son

  Little Roland lost

  Living in Oz


  Mother can you carry me


  Spanish eyes

  Speak to the sky

  Stand up

  Stand up for love

  Starlight, starbright

  State of the heart

  Still crazy for you


  Stranger in the house

  Strange things

  Streaking the Australian way



  Take a hand

  Taxi dancing

  Tear it all down

  The American girl

  The ballad of annie goodbody

  The freak

  The great lost art of conversation

  The human sea

  The liar

  The magic that surrounds you

  Theme from mission magic

  The photograph

  The power of love

  The Rick Springfield song

  The unhappy ending


  Treat me gently in the morning

  Walking on the edge

  Walking the floor on my hands over you

  Weep no more

  Welcome to the rodeo

  We're gonna have a good time

  What kind of fool am i

  What would the children think

  Whenever i call you friend

  White room


  Why are you waiting

  Why don't you dance


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