Teksty piosenek / R / Refused


  Blind Date



  Burn It

  Circle Pit

  Coup D'Etat

  Crusader Of Hopelessness




  Faculties Of The Scull

  Hate Breeds Hate

  Hook, Line & Sinker

  I Am Not Me


  It's Not O.K. To Pretend That Everythings Alright

  I Wish

  Jag Ater Inte Mina Vanner

  Last Minute Pointer

  Liberation Frequency

  Lick It Clean

  Life Support Addiction


  New Noise

  Our Silence

  Poetry Written In Gasoline


  Pretty Face

  Protest Song '68

  Pump The Brakes

  Rather Be Dead

  Rather Be Dead

  Refused Are Fucking Dead

  Return To The Closet



  Summer Holidays Vs. Punk Routine

  Sunflower Princess


  Tannhauser / Derive

  The 5th Freedom

  The Apollo Program Was A Hoax

  The Deadly Rhythm (Of The Production Line)

  The Real

  The Refused Party Program

  The Shape Of Punk To Come

  The Slayer

  This Trust Will Kill Again




  Voodoo People

  Where's Equality

  Who Died?

  Worms Of The Senses

  Worthless Is The Freedom Bought...

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