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Ray J - That's Why I Lie

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  If I told you why, why, why
  I'd probably lie, lie, lie
  Can't stand to see you cry, cry, cry
  All I know is I'll be hurting you if I told you the truth
  That's why I lie, lie, lie
  You'd got me thinking my, my, my
  And it's killing me inside oh
  I don't want you saying bye, bye, bye
  [Verse 1:]
  Don't understand can't explain what it is
  That's causing me to feel the need to explore any more?
  I have you, but when I do there's no truth baby all I do is lie
  The only truth is that lie
  Cause I need you in my life
  [Verse 2:]
  I don't know where he wants you to know where I'm going to oh oh
  So I sneak out the best way I can for a rendezvous whoaaa, I've lighten up to know
  Who I can and cannot fool so I cross my heart, swear it's true
  That I'm loving you whoa I'm doing what I gotta do to keep you
  There's one thing I swear it's true
  I don't know what I'd do if I was eva to lose you please baby believe me
  And tell me that you'd neva eva leave me
  I just don't want to you hear you say good bye
  [Chorus 2x]
  Oh, oh, oh, oh
  Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, oh, oh
  Whoaaaoh, oh, oh, oh hey, hey, hey, hey
  Oh, oh, ohhhh
  [Chorus 3x]

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