Teksty piosenek / R / Randy

  12 Cans

  Addicts Of Communication

  Addicts Of Communication

  A Man In Uniform

  At Any Cost

  Bad, Bad, Bad

  Cheap Thrills



  Chicken Shack

  Cup of Chore



  Dirty And Cheap

  Dirty Tricks


  Education For Unemployment

  Epidemic Ignorance


  Freedom Song


  Holy Shit


  I Believe In The Company

  I Don't Need Love

  I Don't Wanna Work

  If We Unite

  I'm such a warmhearted person

  I Won't Concede, I Won't Give In

  I Won't Play That Song

  Karl Marx And History

  Keeping Us Out Of Money

  Kiss Me Deadly

  Lilly of the Valley

  Little Toulouse

  Me And The Boys

  More Of That Miserable Misery

  My Heart, My Enemy

  No More The Meek

  Nothing More Than Everything

  Now And Forever

  On The Rack

  Ostrich Behaviour

  Out Of Nothing Comes Nothing


  Proletarian Hop

  Punk Rock City

  Randy I Don't Need You

  Randy, i don't need you

  Raw Butt Jim


  Religion, Religion

  Robot Joe

  Rockin' Pneumonia And The Punk Rock Flu

  Rockin pneumonia and the punk rock flu

  Row Boat John

  Ruff Stuff

  Shape Up

  Shovel That Snow

  Snorty Pacificial Rascal

  Step Out Side

  Step outside

  Stepping Out

  Sucks On

  Summer Of Bros


  Take 'em Where You Can Get 'em

  Take em where you can get em

  The beginning

  The Exorcist

  The Guide to Judicious Thinking

  The Guide To Outrageous Drinking

  The heebie jeebies

  The Heebie Jeebies (Dial 911)

  The Human Atom Bomb

  The Itch You Can Not Scratch

  The Pigs Are Not Dead

  They Fear Us

  T-Minus Five Seconds

  Trepidated Oaf


  Utilizing Peanuts

  Welfare Problems

  We're All Fucked Up More Or Less


  Where Our Heart Is

  Whom To Blame

  Who's Side Are You On?

  Win Or Lose

  Working Class Radio

  X-Ray Eyes

  You Are What You Fight For

  You'Re Eating From Their Hand


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