Teksty piosenek / R / Rakim

  As the rhyme goes on

  Casualties of war

  Don't sweat the technique

  Eric B is president

  Flow forever

  Follow the leader

  Guess who's back

  Heat it up

  How i get down

  I ain't no joke

  I get visual

  I know

  I know you got soul

  I'll be there

  In the ghetto

  It's a must

  It's been a long time

  It's the R

  It's to the listeners

  Keep em eager to listen

  Keep the beat

  Kick along

  Know the ledge

  Let the rhythm hit em

  Living for the city

  Lyrics of fury


  Microphone fiend

  Move the crowd

  Musical massacre

  My melody


  New York

  No competition

  No dig

  No omega

  Once upon a rhyme in Japan


  Paid in full

  Pass the hand grenade

  Put your hands together


  Real shit

  Relax with pep

  Remember that

  Rest assured

  Run for cover

  Set em straight

  Show me love


  Stay awhile

  Step back

  Strong island

  Take the train

  Teach the children

  The 18th letter

  The punisher

  The R

  The saga begins

  The skit

  To the listeners


  Up lift

  Waiting for the world to end

  We'll never stop

  What's going on

  What's on your mind

  When i be on tha mic

  When i be on tha mic (deutsche)

  When i'm flowin

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