Teksty piosenek / R / Raised Fist

  Another day

  Between the demons

  Break free

  Breaking me up



  Different but the same

  Disable me

  Envy is dangerous

  Get this right

  Give yourself a chance

  Go away

  Illustration of desperation

  Killing revenues

  Lesson one

  Message beneath contempt

  Moment of trust


  New direction




  Reduction of hate



  Running man

  Short cut

  Silence is the key

  Soldiers of today

  Stand up and fight

  Strong as death

  Stronger than ever

  That's why

  The answer

  The models on tv

  The people behind

  Time for changes

  To make up my mind

  Too late to change

  Torn apart


  Twisted debate


  Waisting your time

  Wheeling v.1.02

  Working on wood

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki