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learn your lesson. i hope that you're listening. confusions: dismess them. your problems will solve themselves. and what if i'm crazy for acting a bit hasty on my own. you've got to know. this is right now. this is forever. got to learn tour lesson now. i'm going to be something more. close your eyes and you will see what i see, simply put. nothings's right and no one's left. what i see is blinding. take a walk outside and let the rain hit you because you deserve it. so what if no one knows what's in your head: you should feel guilty. everybody says you'll learn to regret this. i didn't feel that way now. i don't feel way now. this is right now. time to back up all your big words and live your life the way you want to. aw yeah, you know what im talking about, you can play your cards or play your games. just remember right now anything goes. and i want to be something more than just a kid on my own. this is right now. this is forever. you got to learn your lesson now. some may say that walking and running are the same but they're not. you've taken it too for. taken it too far. and i'll sing. and i'll scream...

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