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Prozzak - Hot Show

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Hot Show
  She's my technicolour disco
  Yo, Yo
  Ya we're gonna make a video
  She'll keep it on the down-low
  Dig It
  Hot show
  You look beautiful in slow-mo
  Quid Pro Quo
  Cause she's my sexy queen of Soho
  And the reason that I come and go
  From Brooklyn to Manhattan
  You're the one
  Who makes me hum
  Every time I see ya girl
  I get to feeling sorta down
  And kinda out
  Like you'll never be mine
  And you and I could be so crazy
  Like a crazy roller coaster ride
  Let me in 'cause
  I'm out of my mind
  Hot show
  I didn't know that you go stereo
  Yo, Yo
  Meet me at the local Ho-Jo
  Drop that good for nothing zero
  And come into my life
  Forever more my little

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