Teksty piosenek / P / Pro-Pain


  Act of god

  Against the grain

  All fall down

  All or none

  Bad blood

  Blood red

  Box city


  Casualties of war

  Contents under pressure


  Death goes on

  Death on the dance floor



  Don't kill yourself to live

  Down for the cause

  Down in flames

  Down in the dumps

  Draw blood

  Every good boy does fun

  Fed up


  Foul taste of freedom

  Fuck it

  Fuck shit up

  Get real

  God only knows


  Gone fishin

  Gunya down


  Lesson learned

  Let live

  Let sleeping dogs lie

  Life's hard

  Lock and load

  Love and war

  Love / H8

  Make some noise

  Make war (not love)

  Mark my words

  Murder 101

  My time will come

  No love lost

  No way out

  Odd man out

  One man army

  On parade

  Picture this

  Political suicide

  Pound for pound



  Put the lights out



  Shreds of dignity

  Smokin gun

  Stand tall

  State of mind

  Status quo


  Switchblade knife

  Take it personal

  The beast is back

  The mercy killings

  The shape of things to come

  The stench of piss

  The truth hurts

  Thou shalt not


  Time will tell

  Walk away

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki