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Promoe - Yes ayah

Tekst piosenki:

  Yes ayah looptroop messiahs, speakin' to your true desires
  Yes ayah the troop sets fire, speakin' to who gets higher
  Yes ayah my crew gets tired, of dealin' with these two faced liars
  Yes ayah {*4X*}
  [Verse One: Cosmic]
  Who's that comin' in wavin' the revolution rag
  A brutal cat screamin' where's the solution at
  Cos m.i.c. so who is stoppin' me?
  I see what I see tell that cop stop mocking me
  Don't give a fuck about me, but fortunately
  I feel the same about you, so does my crew
  With tracks like these get authorities' backs twisted
  So now the troop is black listed
  Keep your distance cus the more you try
  To shut us up, to shut us down the more fire we apply
  The more you make us run the more haters we bun
  Tired of being second when the rat race is done
  Taste this lazer gun, blazin' hot
  A fatal shot let you know we ain't afraid of cops
  Time for the awakening start listening
  Cus when your palace is burning my people sing...
  [Verse Two: Promoe]
  When I'm feelin' the beat I'm spillin' the beans
  I'm givin' the fiends what they really could need
  I'm settin' em free from all misery
  And all slavery they brought upon them selves
  Bought upon the shelves of capitalism
  I'm rappin' to piss 'em off and I'm...
  Showin' no mercy for mercenaries
  Showin' no mercy for dirty Harrys
  Some are to thirsty for virgin Marys
  And some are too thirsty for bloody marys hey hey
  I beg no friends and no pardons
  Turn your luxury apartment into a park bench
  So the sergeants got their targets on lock on me
  Police be clockin' me, and when they're knockin' me
  That's all she wrote, but I'm a keep writin'
  I'm a keep spittin' in the after life in a
  Cypher with Big L, Biggie, Big Pun
  Tupac and Freaky Tah and I'm ready fi bun...
  [Verse Three: Supreme]
  Everything you say can and will be used against you
  Everything I say can and will be used against you
  Low lifes and police on Babywrong service
  Serve the wrong purpose them people gone perverts
  Nervous cus we found a way out
  Of the business circus they be clowning no doubt
  They can frisk and search us but ain't no use
  It's David versus Goliath old news
  The kings will be victorious it was all written
  If they wanna bring warriors it's war we spittin'
  They got a thing for quiet crowds with no questions
  We got a thing for riot squads, no question
  Teach kids: don't believe their words of wisdom
  Teach kids: don't believe the world wide system
  Teach kids: just because they're white and christian
  Hear this: don't mean they're on a righteous mission

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