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Probot - The Emerald law

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I do not die, but awaken from the dream i lived
   as above?so below, be revealed, the truth be known
   questions, pieces strewn shrouded answers hewn
   with love so grow, beneath his paws the tablets glow
   behold the falcon surveys the horizon
   great scribe let us see, your runes of mystery
   serpent shares your name, the keeper of the emerald flame
   prevail the law of three, the goddess guides humanity
   he weights your heart a life pure a life false
   and they learn the sword deceived by false words
   and their greed and their lies cause themto be blind
   and so become, prevail the law of one
   and so become, the falcon
   and so become, the falcon
   and now the souls they swing
   swirl in the cosmic ring
   creations spark it has no time
   rejoin the realm divine
   enthroned true one he sails to the sun
   falcon at the helm glides through the netherrealm
   be shown unseal the laws have seen concealed
   earthly majesty tables of destiny
   bloodline blood trail
   the truth becomes the grail
   so far so near cloked in the mists of fear
   above below what's hidden will be shown
   divine majesty true scrolls of destiny
   what's concealed will be revealed
   those you see will be received
   the law of three, humanity
   the law of one, into the sun

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