Princess Superstar - Super Fantasy

Tekst piosenki:

  Golden Keys, cash on trees, raining men its all for me geez
  Everyone here got the name C wow they all like bowin to me- I must be the King C
  Feelin super Oompa Loopa boomin in my jeep damn sweet super duper
  10 washing machines 10 jeeps on auction for me 10 peeps to wash it for me
  Come this winter nobody shiver good swimmer get in my chocolate river
  Give me a kiss I'm a magic princess Wonder Woman shoot shit out my wrist
  This here is bliss everyone's sexy no more acne or Gap khakis
  I can solve all your problems just ask me and here all my black friends can get taxis
  Sparkle all my records gone Plat -I take it back, ain't no Billboard where I'm at
  Take a second I grab bad thought and wreck it check out my magic record
  Get a massage 10 car garage livin type large oh wait there's no more cars
  Fix the air for kicks this chicks in charge pick 6 Knicks tix free of charge
  Neck and neck deck to deck equal sex
  Best protect--nothin--ain't nothin more to protect
  No Smack no more attacks Mickey Mouse got our mutherfuckin backs
  No ice just wax, no tax just spice, damn we feel nice
  No roaches or mice just coaches and kites comfy sofas and Sprites
  Everyone lives life how they like
  This this here is dynamite

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