Princess Superstar - Keith 'N Me

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[Keith's rhyme]
  Baby, can you feel my love?
  I got my shorts on-
  And I'm taking them off
  Now when I saw your face I'm a believer
  Hey what you got the keys to my Beamer
  A keeper get the fever viva end receiver
  Oochie Wally Wally leave it to my Beaver
  Take a big sip and inhale, you tip the scale
  If this rap game don't work out baby you cut for Chippendales
  I got my nails done for this special day, Oil of Olay
  Case of Criss in piss in the bidet I'm Miss rappin Jon Benet
  Big hunk blowin spunk in the back of the top bunk
  Slam dunk Daft Punk's voice box in the water kerplunk
  Get krunk forget Clyde and Bonnie Ted Bundy and Peg Bundy Burt and Loni
  Nancy and Ronnie Betty and Barney smokin mariwanni, I'm a little horny
  On and on a common bond two vagabonds in Vuitton
  Eatin Cinnebons at a mall on Mars where we belong
  Arm in arm naked making spawn at the salad bar get salad tongs deliver our new baby born
  Wait something's wrong, I gotta call my moms tell her Keith's on my song
  Ultramagnetic you helped my headache like a music paramedic you mad athletic there I said it
  I'm older now, Come 'n get it
  We're like Doin it and Doin it well, So poetic
  [Keith's rhyme]
  You and me like ET and Drew Barrymore
  Pick Reese's Pieces off your piece I want to marry more Keith
  You'll be comin soon…to a theatre near me
  Veni Vidi Veni Veni-I came I saw I came and I came again that's three
  [Keith's rhyme]
  I think about you and the things you say when you rhyme
  Won't beat around the bush so you can beat around mine
  I'm a Slinky, coil my butt back and forth down the stair I'm kinkier than pubic hair

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