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Princessa - Like a nun

Tekst piosenki:

Here comes the sun
   I want some fun
   And I don't wanna live my
   life like a nun
   Like anyone
   I'm on the run
   Oh I don't wanna live my
   life like a nun
   Night is falling
   and the streets are calling me
   empty hearts with dark desires
   show their misery
   Feels like drowning
   ain't nobody save my soul
   I aml ost no one can help me
   ni tu ni nadie nadie
   Here comes the sun...
   Hasty shadows
   between past and what will be
   they are spying to delete you
   to set their spirits free
   I'm taking chances
   as the first known volunteer
   I'll desert the road of madness
   which was leading me here
   Here comes the sun...
   I spread my wings,
   I'll learn to fly
   today I feel I'll touch the sky
   Don't wanna stop
   don't come back down
   and I'll be reaching heavens top
   Here comes the sun...

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