Prince - S.T.

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{"Alright" sample repeats through song}
  Yo Tony, man, check that out
  Ah man, U late, that's already cash (Skin Tight)
  This is mine, let me push up on it (Yeah)
  Excuse me (They call me Skin Tight)
  Excuse me, may I have this dance? (What's my name?)
  U better chill
  Hmph, what's your name?
  My name is Carmen
  Yeah (Skin Tight)
  Yo Ron, later (Yeah)
  Hmm baby
  Hmm baby, sure lookin' kinda right
  I must say the future sure looks bright
  Ooh, U like this, do ya?
  But does it move ya?
  Wipe your mouth, composure is gone
  U're not 2 smooth
  Ah, hold up baby, I don't think U understand what I'm sayin'
  I'm never first 2 approach, I'm usually layin'
  But what U layin' 4?
  U got 2 go 4 yours, ain't that right?
  Now what's your name?
  They call me Skin Tight
  U know that's right
  What's my name? Skin Tight (Mm mm mm)
  Skin Tight (Yeah)
  What's my name? Skin Tight
  This is mine, baby
  Baby, come over here, let's chill and sit down
  Those skin tight britches bustin' stitches make me wanna clown
  U're kinda cute but your approach is wrong
  I like the little boy in U and not the man that's tryin' 2 be sprung
  What do U mean?
  Enough questions, let's have fun
  Besides, I hate it when a brother's got it goin' and he plays dumb
  Confidence is the one thing I like
  And I thank God because he packaged it right
  Yeah, ha ha ha, damn
  Skin Tight (Mm mm mm, damn)
  What's my name? Skin Tight (That's right)
  Skin Tight (Yo, that's right, let's get outta here)
  I'll drive
  It's ripe, but firm
  Ooh ooh (That's right, that's right) (Carmen)
  Smile when U say that whistling (What do U mean?) (Carmen)
  What's my name? Skin Tight
  U better chill
  Skin Tight (That's right)
  U better chill
  Skin Tight - I used 2 hear that back in the day
  Yo bet, that's why it ain't played
  The 90's are here - what do U most fear?
  It surely ain't my body cuz I got U grinnin' from ear 2 ear
  Damn, that was hard, U pulled my card
  Make me wanna bogard
  Patience baby, a man who waits I hold with high regard
  Like fine wine it takes time before a relationship is firm
  And my time U must earn
  And I'm willing
  Yeah, but are U able?
  Skin Tight (What do U mean?) (Yeah)
  This is mine, baby
  Skin Tight (Come here)
  Crawl here
  Mmm mmm, yeah
  They call me Skin Tight
  U say U like the line that goes up the back of my stockings?
  (Yeah, I like that)
  (Yeah) ("Ha ha ha") {x4}
  Skin Tight
  What's my name? Skin Tight (Lookin' kinda right)
  (Whatever U wanna do now, plan it out)
  Pardon me while I make a withdrawal
  Skin Tight
  (There's somethin' about this love) {repeats in BG}
  Not bad 4 a rookie
  I'm outta here
  Now what's my name? (Carmen)
  Ooh, Skin Tight
  Yeah (Yeah)
  Ooh (That's right)
  This is mine, baby
  Skin Tight
  This is mine, baby
  Skin Tight

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