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Prince - I Hate U (extended remix)

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(Extended Remix)
  I never thought that U would be the one
  After all the things that we've been through
  U gave your body 2 another in the name of fun
  I hope U had some baby, if not, boo hoo
  It's so sad but I hate U like a day without sunshine
  It's so bad but I hate U cuz U're all that's ever on my mind
  Honey, I hate U - Now everyday would be a waste of time
  Cuz I hate U (I hate U)
  I never thought that I could feel this way
  2 fall in love was a table reserved 4 fools
  Say U're sorry if U wanna but it's all in vain
  I'm out the door sweet baby, that's right, we're through
  I hate U, baby, more than U'll ever know
  A movie about the way I feel about U? Oh no
  Rated X and over in 10 minutes
  Guinness couldn't count the scenes with sex and violence in it
  U hurt me, baby
  4 that, I hate U
  U hurt me, baby, more than I could ever hurt myself
  I'd pay somebody 2 knock U off but U ain't worth the wealth
  Speakin' of which, U owe me, U owe me about a million 8 or more
  Perhaps we need 2 get U down at the corner store
  Yeah baby, U know what time it is ... body biz
  (I hate U) {repeat 4 times in BG}
  I hate U, huh, more than U'll ever know
  Cuz U, U're all that I ever wanna show (Sing!)
  U're all I ever wanna show my inner thoughts 2, girl
  All my many things, all the many things
  U're the only reason, yeah (What?)
  I wanna sing! (Sing it!)
  Huh, last night U should've been home
  Huh, last night, baby, U should've been doin' it all alone
  Actin' up, girl, U was actin' up instead of grown ... yes U was
  Huh, U gave a dog a place 2 bone and now your ass is all alone
  Heh, I hate U
  (I hate U) {repeat in BG 'til end}
  I hate U, baby (Sing it)
  Like a day, like a day without sunshine (Hey girl, chill out)
  Cuz U're all, U're all, U're all that's ever on my mind (I said chill out, baby)
  Baby, baby, baby, how am I gonna get along on a lonely night?
  Oh tell me, girl, tell me, girl, why didn't U keep your panties on tight? (Ooh)
  Ask me if I care, ask me if I care
  It's so little it's like that feather in Forrest Gump
  Floatin' through the air, floatin' through the air until the bus comes
  I hate U - Can I get a transfer?
  If I sound a little bitter it's cuz, my baby, U danced 4 a dollar
  I know he didn't make U holler
  And if he did, it wasn't like the time we did it 2 Mahler
  Don't U remember?
  U were my little nasty lady
  Mine and U never felt the need 2 lay another down
  And so now I frown at the sound of your very name
  Cuz now, my dear, all U are 2 me is an old flame
  And when it burns out, I'll be free of the mouth, the lips I used 2 kiss
  My baby, my little nasty miss
  The one nobody could see
  Nobody but me
  Why, why'd U wanna leave?
  Was I so hard 2 please?
  I hate U, baby
  Because I love U

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