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Prince - Gotta Broken Heart Again

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I gotta broken heart again
  Cuz my only supposed 2 be friend
  U see he, he stole my old lady away from me
  And now I'm just as blue as I can be
  I gotta broken heart again
  Cuz I ain't got no money 2 spend
  U see I, I spent it all on a long distance phone call
  Beggin' her 2 please come home, yeah
  Ah yeah
  It doesn't matter what I do
  I can't stop, ah, thinkin' about U
  The little things U said, the things U do 2 me in bed
  Oh baby, I can't get U outta my head
  Oh, gotta broken heart again, yeah
  This time it's serious, it feels just like the end
  Cuz once your love has gone away
  There ain't nothin', nothin' left 2 say

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