Teksty piosenek / P / Prince


  17 Days

  18 & Over


  1999 (The Hits Mix)

  200 Balloons


  20th Century Express





  2 Nigs

  2 Nigs United 4 West Compton

  2 Whom It May Concern


  3 Chains O' Gold

  3rd Eye

  4 The Tears In Your Eyes

  4 The Tears In Your Eyes (Video Mix)

  5 Women



  9 Lives

  About Prince - The Hits Mixes

  About Prince - The Hits: New Songs

  Acknowledge Me



  Adore (The Hits Mix)

  After Hi School

  Ain't No Place Like U

  All Because Of You

  All Day, All Night


  All My Dreams

  All That

  All The Critics Love U In New York

  A Love Bizarre

  Alphabet St.

  Alphabet street

  A Man Called Jesus


  A million days

  A Million Miles (I Love You)

  And god created woman

  And God Created Women

  An Honest Man

  Animal Kingdom

  Anna Stesia

  Annie Christian

  Another Lonely Christmas

  Another Lonely Christmas

  Another lover holen yo head

  A Place In Heaven

  Around The World In A Day




  A Woman's Gotta Have It

  A Woman's Gotta Have It


   Baby Don't Care

  Baby I'm A Star

  Baby Knows

  Baby, You're A Trip

  Backwards Message




  Beautiful strange

  Bedtime Story

  Betcha By Golly Wow!

  Big Fun

  Billy Jack Bitch

  Bite The Beat

  Black M.F. In The House


  Blood Is Thicker Than Time

  Blue Light

  Blue Limousine

  Bob George

  Boy's Club

  Break My Heart


  Brother With A Purpose

  Call my name

  Call The Law

  Call The Law

  Can I Play With U?

  Can't Stop This Feeling I Got

  Can't Stop This Feeling I Got

  Carmen On Top

  Chaos And Disorder

  Cherry, Cherry

  Children Of The Sun

  Chili Sauce

  Christopher Tracy's Parade

  Cindy C.

  Cinnamon girl

  Circle Of Amour

  Cloreen bacon skin





  Come Home

  Come On

  Come Outside And Play

  Computer Blue

  Condition Of The Heart


  Controversy (The Hits Mix)

  Cookie Jar


  Corporate World

  Count The Days

  Count The Days

  Courtin' Time

  Crazy You




  Crystal Ball

  Curious Child


  Da bang

  Da, Da, Da

  Daddy Pop

  Damned If I Do

  Damn U

  Dance On

  Dance With The Devil


  Darling Nikki

  Data Bank

  Days Of Wild

  Days Of Wild

  Dead On It

  Dear Michaelangelo



  Delirious (The Hits Mix)


  Deuce & A Quarter

  Diamonds And Pearls

  Diamonds And Pearls (The Hits Mix)

  Digital garden

  Dig U Better Dead

  Dinner with Delores

  Dinner With Dolores


  Dirty Mind


  DJ Gets Jumped

  DJ Seduces Sonny


  Do It All Night


  Do Me, Baby

  Do Me, Baby (The Hits Mix)


  Don't Play Me

  Don't Say U Love Me

  Don't Talk 2 Strangers

  Dorothy Parker

  Do U Lie?

  Down A Long Lonely Road

  Do you lie

  Do Your Dance

  Do Your Dance

  Do Yourself A Favor

  Dream Factory

  Dreamin' About U


  Drive Me Wild

  Electric Chair

  Electric Intercourse


  Elephants & Flowers



  Empty Room

  Empty Room (#2)

  Endorphin machine

  Erotic City

  Erotic City

  Erotic City



  Everybody Get On Up

  Everyday Is A Winding Road


  Extra Lovable


  Face Down

  Faded Photographs

  Fantasia Erotica



  Feel Good

  Feel u up

  Fell U Up


  Forever In My Life

  For Love

  For You

  Freaks On This Side


  Friend, lover, sister, mother

  Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother, Wife



  Funky Music

  Gangster Glam

  Gangster Glam

  Get It Up

  Get Loose

  Get Off

  Get Off / The Lubricated Lady

  Get On Up

  Gett Off

  Gett Off

  Get Wild

  Get Yo Groove On

  Gigolos Get Lonely Too


  Girl 6

  Girl Of My Dreams

  Girl O' My Dreams

  Girl Power


  Girls & Boys

  Girls & Boys

  Glam Slam

  Glam Slam '91

  Goangster Glam


  Go Go Dancer


  Goldie's Parade

  Goldnigga Pt.1

  Goldnigga Pt. 2

  Goldnigga Pt. 3


  Good Judy Girlfriend

  Good life

  Good Love

  Good Man

  Go On (Witcha Bad Self)

  Gotta Broken Heart Again

  Gotta stop

  Gotta Stop (Messin' About)

  Graffiti Bridge


  Had U

  Hallucination rain

  Halluctination Rain

  Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian

  Have a heart



  Here on earth

  He's So Dull

  Hey, Louie Louie

  Hide The Bone

  High Fashion

  Hold Me



  Hon E Man

  Horny Pony

  Horny Pony

  Horny toad

  Hot Thing

  Hot Thing

  Hot with u

  Hot Wit U

  House In Order

  House Of Brick (Brick House)


  How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore

  However Much U Want

  I Am The DJ

  I Can't Make U Love Me

  I Can't Stop

  I Can't Stop This Feeling I Got

  Ice Cream Castles

  I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man

  I Don't Wanna Leave You

  If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)

  I Feel For You

  If I Love U 2night

  If I Love U 2 Night

  If I Love U 2night

  If I Love U 2night (Spanish)

  If I Love U 2 Nite

  If i was the man in ur life

  If I Was Your Girlfriend

  If I Was Your Girlfriend (The Hits Mix)

  If The Kid Can't Make You Come

  I Guess I'm Crazy

  I Hate U

  I Hate U (extended remix)

  I Hear Your Voice

  I Know

  I Like It There

  I'll Be Right There

  I'll Do Anything

  Illusion, coma, pimp & circumstance

  I Love U, But I Don't Trust U Anymore

  I'm Yours

  In A Large Room With No Light

  In A Spanish Villa

  In Love

  I No




  International Lover

  In This Bed I Scream

  Into The Light


  In Your Gracious Name

  I Rock, Therefore I Am

  Irresistible bitch


  It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night

  It's Gonna Be Lonely

  I Wanna Be Your Lover

  I Wanna Melt With U

  I Will

  I Wish U Heaven

  I Wish U Heaven (Part 1,2 & 3)

  I wish you heaven

  I Wonder

  I Wonder U

  I Would Die 4 U

  I Would Die 4 U (extended version)

  Jack U Off


  Jam Of The Year

  Jerk Out


  Joint 2 Joint

  Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart

  Joy In Repetition


  Jungle Love

  Just A Little Lovin'

  Just As Long As We're Together

  Kain't Turn Back


  Kiss (extended version)

  Koo Koo

  Lady Cab Driver

  La La La, He He Hee

  La, La, La Means I Love U

  Last heart

  Le Grind

  Lemon Crush


  Let's Go Crazy

  Let's Go Crazy (special dance mix)

  Let's Have A Baby

  Let's Pretend We're Married

  Let's Work

  Let's Work (dance remix)

  Life Can Be So Nice

  Life o the party


  Little red corvette

  Little Red Corvette (dance mix)

  Live 4 Love


  Love 2 The 9's

  Loveleft, Loveright

  Loveleft, Loveright

  Love Machine

  Love On A Blue Train

  Love Or Money


  Love Sign

  Love Sign

  Love Sign

  Love Sign (Shock G' SIlky Remix)

  Love's No Fun

  Love... Thy Will Be Done


  Mad Sex

  Make Believe

  Make It Through The Storm


  Make your mama happy

  Manic Monday

  Man In A Uniform

  Man 'O' War

  Mashed Potato Girl Intro


  Melody Cool

  Melody Cool

  Me Touch Myself

  Mia Bocca



  Miss Understood

  Miss You

  Mo' Better

  Money Don't Matter 2 Night

  Moonbeam Levels

  Morning Papers


  Movie Star


  Mr Happy

  Murph Drag

  Muse 2 the pharaoh


  Mustang Instrumental

  Mustang Mix


  My Computer

  My Drawers

  My little pill

  My Love Is Forever

  My Man

  My medallion

  My Name Is Prince

  My Summertime Thang

  My Tree

  Nasty Girl

  Nasty Girl

  Neon Telephone

  New Position

  New Power Day

  New Power Generation

  New Power Generation (Pt. II)

  New Power Soul

  Newpower Soul

  New World

  Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar

  No Call U

  Noon Rendezvous

  Nothing Compares 2 U

  Nothing Compares 2 U (The Hits Live Mix)


  NPG Bum Rush The Ship

  NPG Operator

  Objects in the mirror

  Oh, Baby

  Old Friends 4 Sale

  Oliver's House


  One Day (I'm Gonna Make You Mine)

  One Kiss At A Time

  One kiss at the time

  One nite alone

  One Of Us

  One Of Your Tears

  One song

  On Your Own

  Oobey Doop

  Ooo She She Wa Wa

  Open Book


  Others Here With Us


  Paisley Park




  P Control

  P Control (House Mix)



  Pearls b4 the swine


  Pink Cashmere

  Pink Cashmere


  Play In The Sunshine


  Pltt Updates

  Poom poom


  Pop Life




  Power Fantastic


  Pride And The Passion

  Private Joy

  Props n pounds

  Purple Music

  Purple Rain


  Push It Up

  Pussy control


  Rainbow children

  Raspberry Beret

  Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic

  Rebirth Of The Flesh

  Red Riding Hood [aka: Can I Play With You]

  Release It

  Return Of The Bump Squad

  Right Back Here In My Arms

  Right The Wrong


  River Run Dry

  Rock Hard In a Funky Place

  Rock 'N' Roll Is Alive

  Rock 'n' Roll Is Alive (And It Lives In Minneapoli

  Romance 1600

  Ronnie, Talk To Russia

  Round And Round

  Same December




  Scarlet Pussy

  Scarlet Pussy




  Sex In The Summer

  Sex me sex me not

  Sex Shooter


  Sexual Suicide

  Sexual Suicide

  Sexy Dancer

  Sexy M.F.

  Sexy Staxaphone and Guitar


  She Gave Her Angels

  She's Just A Baby

  She Spoke 2 Me





  Sign 'O' The Times

  Sign O The Times (The Hits Mix)

  Silly Game


  Sister Fate


  Slave 2 The System

  Sleep Around

  Slow Love

  Snow Man

  So Blue

  So Dark

  So Far, So Pleased

  Soft And Wet

  Soft And Wet (#2)


  Somebody's Somebody

  Some Kind Of Lover

  Something in the water

  Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)

  Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)

  Sometimes I Get Lonely

  Sometimes It Snows In April

  Soul Psychodelicide

  Soul Psychodelicide (#2)

  Soul Sanctuary



  Space (Acoustic Remix)

  Space (Funky Stuff Dub)

  Space (Funky Stuff Remix)

  Space (Universal Love Remix)



  Standing At The Altar

  Standing At The Altar

  Starfish And Coffee


  Step To The Mic

  Still Waiting

  Still Would Stand All Time

  Strange But True

  Strange Relationship

  Strays Of The World



  Super funky califragi sexy

  Sweet Baby

  Take Me With U



  Tell Me How U Wanna B Done

  Tell Me How U Want 2 B Done


  The Arms of Orion

  The Ball

  The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker

  The Beautiful Ones

  The Belle Of St. Mark

  The Bird

  The Continental

  The Cross

  The Cross

  The daisy chain

  The Dance Electric

  The everlasting now

  The Exodus Has Begun

  The Flow

  The Flow

  The Future

  The Glamorous Life

  The Good Life

  The Good Life (Big City Remix)

  The Greatest Romance Ever Sold

  The Holy River

  The Human Body

  The Ladder

  The Latest Fashion

  The Line

  The Love We Make

  The Marrying Kid

  The Max

  The morning papers

  The Most Beautiful Boy In The World

  The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

  The Most Beautiful Girl in The World

  The Old Songs

  The One

  The Other Side Of The Pillow

  The Purple Medley

  The Question Of U

  There is lonely

  The rest of my life

  The Rhythm Of Your Heart

  The Ride

  The Ride

  The sacrifice of Victor

  The Sarifice Of Victor

  The Scandelous Sex Suite

  The Screams Of Passion

  The Screams Of Passion

  The Second Coming

  The Stick

  The Sun, The Moon, And Stars

  The Truth

  The Undertaker

  The Voice

  The Walk

  Thhe Sex Of It

  Thieves In The Temple

  Thieves In The Temple Pt 2

  Thieves In The Temple (remix)

  Things Have Gotta Change

  Things Have Gotta Change

  This Is My House

  Thrill You Or Kill You


  Tick, Tick, Bang

  Tick, Tick, Bang

  Toy Box




  Ts Immortals


  Turn It Up

  U Gotta Shake Something

  U Got The Look


  Underneath the cream

  Under The Cherry Moon


  Until U're In My Arms Again


  Uptown (The Hits Mix)


  Vicki Waiting

  Violet Blue

  Violet The Organ Grinder

  Violet The Organ Grinder

  Walk Don't Walk

  Wasted Kisses

  We Can Funk

  We Can Funk

  We Can Work It Out

  Wedding feast

  Wednesday Like A River

  We Gets Up

  Welcome 2 The Dawn

  Welcome 2 The Rat Race

  We March

  Wendy's Parade

  Wet Dream

  What do u want me 2 do

  When 2 R In Love

  When 2 R In Love

  When Doves Cry

  When Doves Cry (The Hits Mix)

  When the lights go down

  When U Love Somebody

  When We're Dancing Close And Slow

  When You Were Mine

  Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do

  White Mansion


  Why you wanna treat

  Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?

  Wild And Loose

  Willing And Able

  With You

  With You


  Witness 4 The Prosecution

  Witness 4 The Prosecution (#2)

  Wonderful Ass



  Your Love Is So Hard

  You Will Be Moved

  You Will Be Moved


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