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Presence - (Who Says) Rock Is Dead

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Enter my Delorean time machine
  back to the future we go
  to explore the rock scene
  all the while
  my style's McFly
  even when I die
  big props to L.I.
  South Bronx
  this ain't Onyx
  pave the way for Dr. Dre and his Chronic
  the Gravediggaz ebonically demonic
  Nasty Nas and his supersonic phonic
  K-R-S-One Attack
  with the Boom Bap
  on the scene in Queens with Kool G Rap
  LA back in the day
  a Hundred Miles And Runnin
  forever gunnin with NWA
  Who says rock is dead
  are you ready to bang your head
  c'mon yeah
  who says rock is dead
  bang your head
  enough said
  Imagination is the key to be
  I let my mind fly free
  the second coming of the white emcee
  settin forth a prerequisite
  I know you're tryin to get with this
  amazin caucasian persuasion
  always on some next shit
  perpetual rhyme delivery
  an enigmatic mystery
  you know I'm fit to be
  goin down in history
  Biggie Smalls and Tupac we mourn
  now behold Jay Slim
  another legend is born
  Headbangin and slangin as I enter the Wu-Tang
  Hoo-Bangin with the Westside Connect gang
  Respect is Hard To Earn like my paycheck
  Protect Ya Neck
  from the blast of the Tek & Steele
  Duck Down
  just tryin to B-Real like Cypress Hill
  with my License To Ill
  I Kill At Will
  word to Rakim
  yo it's Time To Build
  I flow about what I know
  in the process try to grow
  no I've never been to the ghetto
  and I'll probably never go
  the wrath of an intelligent white kid with a mic gripped tight
  a lyrical fight ensues
  you lose
  gave ya brain blacks & blues
  knocked ya out
  stole ya shoes
  hit a spliff and took another sip of the booze
  shut yer yapper
  I'm the cracker rapper that's makin all the rules
  refuse and I'll prepare your moms for the bad news
  Some call it a fad
  it's a natural evolution of music
  a few abuse it
  I refuse to lose it
  it's part of my heart
  it's for the kids
  not the music critics to tear it apart
  I'm calling it the Peter Pan Theory
  you can keep that lo-fi throwback crap 'cause I don't want it near me
  and if ya can't hear me/start a band with "t-h-e" and you too can be a flash in the pan … can't forget the Outkast
  Goodie Mo-B
  the D-O-double-G
  so shall I Proceed
  to rock the mic like MOP
  a Tribe called Hip-Hop will always run through me

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