Teksty piosenek / P / Powderfinger

  Already gone

  A song called everything



  Boing boing

  Bridle you


  Celebrity head



  Don't panic

  Don't wanna be left you

  Fathers pyramid



  Good day ray

  Grave concern

  Hindley street

  How far have we really come

  Hurried bloom


  Lemon sunrise

  Like a dog

  Living type

  Love your way


  My happiness

  Not my kind of scene

  Odysseey 5


  On my mind

  Over my head


  Pick you up


  Private man

  Rockin rocks

  Roll right by you

  Save your skin

  Since you've been gone

  Sink low

  Skinny Jean





  Take me in

  The day you come

  The electric horseman

  The metre

  These days

  This syrup to exchange


  Turtle's head

  Up & down & back again

  Waiting for the sun

  Walking stick

  We should be together now

  Whatever makes you happy

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