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Point Break - Say Yeah!

Tekst piosenki:

  we got it goin' on keep on rockin'
  Till the break of dawn got it goin' on and on
  Hey girl,sitting there
  Looking so fly thinkin'
  you'r so cool
  i'm just king of guy you need
  to rock your world
  Throw down your wishin'
  well,if you wanna kiss then
  i won't tell break it down
  catch my eye so
  we can get it on
  Can't you see
  that i'm on my knees it's so ABC,
  if you get me
  Thie groove's hard core
  and you know the score,
  comin' straight at ya as i said before
  time after time you tried to dis me
  now we're comin back with mystery
  i sure did miss ya
  this time i'll getch ya,
  i will have ya
  this time i'll capture,
  comin' with the force the name is Gotch,
  Gotch back,
  point-Break,now P.B's
  P.B' Gotch,Gotch back WOW!!!

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