Teksty piosenek / P / PMD / Many often wonder

PMD - Many often wonder

Tekst piosenki:

Yea what up, 1 time, 1 time, PMD, Mic Doc
   9-7, 2 thous and beyond, check it, check it
   Step aside, peep the wide body, kicking shit like karate
   Or catch me on a Harley, but puff like the Marley's
   Do narly, tims and rims wit the fat knobbies
   The rap teflon don here to crash a party
   You know the status, who the baddest wit this apparatus
   Who's the fattest, who gives a phuck cuz it don't matter
   Always rock shit, high in the cockpit
   Infrared lock and hit, terminate the target
   Cuz when I put it down, clown, I don't phuck around
   How you sound, act like you know or catch a beatdown
   It's the Microphone Doctor, back making housecalls
   Many often wonder is MD paid(4x)
   Got more stripes than Colin Powell, ?stoned and towel?, I keep my shit rugged
   Thuggish rugged, you'se laced wit ice nuggets
   Who you shittin me. lyrics spittin and Squad still hittin
   Track flippin, we're nippin, politicin
   Niggaz trippin, slippin like a transmission
   Or blown gasket, you bastard
   You get your ass kicked, tuxedo wit the casket
   Blowing steam, one half of the dream team
   Cream fiends hit 16 on the rhyme scene
   Keep it off the meter, rub it wit the dark Caesar
   Blow like ether, Grim like the phucking Reaper
   When I act out, MC's back out
   Pull the mac out, go the distance in the rap out
   Swinging back, get you dome cracked in combat
   Full contact on impact when P react
   Keep it cool at all times, bust rhyme
   Get mine, black Einstein wit basslines
   From hoodies to skullies, skullies down to tims
   I'm all in black Benz, trees and trojans
   Niggaz frozen, like manic, it's phucking posing
   On display, no place, he foreign attache
   Case, Hit Squad lace the place
   Set the pace like O.J. in the Bronco chase

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