Teksty piosenek / P / PMD / It's the pee 97

PMD - It's the pee 97

Tekst piosenki:

   Yea, Check 1,2, One time for ya mind
   2 times for ya mind, PMD going braceline, bassline
   Prodigy, Hit Squad and the Mobb. 9-7, check it out
   Hey, yo, six foot and change, I still do my thang
   You niggaz is game, blacker skills wit the hand swing
   Time to black out, you act out, blow ya back out
   The P wit the no-look pass like Iverson and Stackhouse
   Hey, yo, painkiller key raps, get dope off of this here shit
   Writing prescriptions for your addiction
   We doing it, yo, P, this shit is off the meter
   Neither him nor his man neither can top this shit hit
   It's the P-double E-M-D-E-E(yo, it's the P)
   E-double pushing up lex bubble(3 1/2x)
   Check P, the rap vet, freak the rap tech
   Peep the black tech, ass bent, run, some will leave your back wet
   So Pmd and Prodigy will hit you hard
   Lace P wit the plan and let the Mobb do the phucking job
   I kick, shit that you can feel like you're holding it
   Grab a hold of this, rip tight like it's your last bit
   Futuristic, hi-tech computer chip
   Lyric that's beyond the year 2000
   The dominant, confident niggaz is conquering
   Overminding, my mom done did it again
   Vertical rap, straight up and down this wolf pack
   Or go at the whole globe, attack the map
   Ambassador P, we strengthly strip his sleeves of his stripes
   Granted for the rest of your life
   Now you can sit back and cherish the time that we spent
   The foul memory of ?timbos, bison less?
   Now who's the kid claiming death wit the S on his chest
   Smoking cess, sounding like Meth, i guess he need press
   And yes, he must be insane wit no brain, on that cocaine
   Lying on your dick, saying you hit Jane
   The Punk Doctor, I gotcha, so get the boz-ile
   You little hostile, you end up missing like Hoffa
   My style's proper, extraordinaire, quite rare
   Excellent to the ear, so kid, you never compare

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