Tekst piosenki:

You know it tears me up inside
  to see the feelings that you hide
  Hide inside that empty bottle
  I wish you saw how great you were
  I wish you saw what life was worth
  You wouldn't have to hide your problems
  And I don't care what you might think
  I think you've had too much to drink
  Can't even talk when you're this way
  Run away, run away
  But that won't make it any better
  Run away, run away
  And make tomorrow harder to live than today
  There's so much out there you could miss
  there's so much life out there to live
  If you would just believe in yourself
  You know you're better than all of this
  you know you've got so much to give
  But you're so afraid to give of yourself
  There's a bright light shining inside you
  it shines out through your eyes
  Don't drown it away, don't be afraid, don't hide
  Let it shine
  You say you're looking for happiness
  but when it comes, you run away from it
  You tell yourself you don't deserve it
  There's not much more that I can do now the rest is up to you
  Until you love yourself, you'll never change
  You'll keep on running
  Until you deal with today

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