Teksty piosenek / P / PJ Harvey


  50 Ft Queenie

  66 Promises

  Airplane blues


  A perfect day, elise

  A place called home

  As close as this

  Baby in a plastic bag

  Beautiful feeling

  Big exit

  Bonnie & Clyde

  Broken homes


  City of no sun

  Civil war correspondent

  Claudine, the inflatable one

  C'mon Billy

  Color me grey


  Darling be there

  Death is not the end

  Down by the water






  Electric light




  Good fortune


  Green eyes


  Happy and bleeding


  Hardly wait

  Harley Davidson


  Henry Lee

  Highway 61 revisited


  Horses in my dreams

  In a silent violent way

  Into deep neutral

  Is that all there is

  Is this desire

  I think i'm a mother


  Johnny hit & run Pauline


  Just a working girl


  Kick it to the ground


  Long snake moan

  Long time coming

  Losing ground

  Lost fun zone

  Love too soon

  Lying in the sun




  Meet ze monsta

  Me - Jane



  My beautiful leah

  My own private revolution

  Naked cousin

  Nickel under the foot

  Nina in ecstasy 2

  No girl so sweet


  Oh my lover

  One line

  One time too many

  O Stella

  Piano fire

  Plants and rags

  Primed & ticking




  Rest sextett

  Rid of me

  Right to fly

  River of diamonds

  Rope bridge crossing

  Rub til it bleeds


  Send his love to me


  Shot of love


  Somebody's down, somebody's name

  So you got a horse

  Sweeter than anything



  That was my veil

  The ballad of the soldier's wife

  The bay

  The dancer

  The faster i breathe, the further i go

  The garden

  The letter

  The river

  The sky lit up

  The whores hustle and the hustlers whore

  The wind

  This is love

  This is mine

  This mess we're in

  This wicked tongue

  To bring you my love

  Un cercle autour du soleil

  Urn with dead flowers in a drained pool


  Wand dang doodle


  We float

  We're making war

  Who will love me now

  Will's song

  Working for the man

  Yell hollow

  Your last friend in this town

  You said something


  Zaz turned blue

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