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Pitbull - Hurry up and wait

Tekst piosenki:

Hee's baaacckk!!
   To rip on this track, I'll rip any broad
   I don't care, white or black!
   Hee's baaacckk!
   If Pit's on da job, then there's no need to worry
   Dog just hurry up and wait,
   Cuz I aint Going no where anytime soon
   Sick what these rappers wanna be?
   That's me, times 2
   Get ready for me to take over this game
   I'm cutting da flow, like I'm cutting da cane
   Things will never be da same
   There's a lick for 50 bricks
   Now pause...
   And think about it
   Then pause...
   Is it really worth it?
   Then pause... pause...
   I'm ready to go, jump in da ride
   Get da mask, get da gloves
   Cut off da lights, pop da gat
   Run inside, fire'em up or tie'em up
   But don't forget to pick up da prize
   And upgrade the ??
   If they don't give up da pies
   I would hate to have to calm these boys down
   Cuz to be honest I can't, so Pal...
   Why don't you just give us da keys and pounds
   Now Guess What He Said?
   [Chorus 2x]
   Ya'll want my spot?! Hurry up and wait!
   Ya'll want me to stop?! Hurry up and wait!
   Ya'll want me shot?! Hurry up and wait!
   Ya'll hurry up and wait! Ya'll hurry up and wait!
   I've been brought up,
   By street cats who didn't get caught up
   Like that New Jack Nino Brown at da Carter
   I'm da new Tony Montana, only I'm just a
   Little bit smarter!

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