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Pierre - Every little star

Tekst piosenki:

   You stand by the milestone
  A long day behind you
  And there on the high road
  Your desteny finds you
  Now you made it this far
  By trusting your heart
  Tell me why would it let to know?
  Every little star tonight
  Is shining there to guide you
  Everywhere you go
  And every single step of the way
  Anywhere you walk
  If you should fall, or stop ans wonder where you are
  Every little star
  Don´t think that it´s over
  Don´t think your dream is falling apart
  look over your shoulder
  And see where you came from
  Now you made it this so far
  By trusting your heart
  Tell me why would it lie to you know?
  There´s a Star right there to tell you
  The light there is to help you
  The Stars are there to show you the way
  Every time you need a light
  You´ll find them right beside you
  Every little Star is waiting at the end of the day

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