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Philly S Most Wanted - Suckas Part 2 (For The Gangsta's)

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Gangstas for the gangstas [Repeat 4X]
  [Verse 1: BooBonic]
  Yo, I'm not concerned wit the rhymes you wrote
  I'm at the Sixers game seat close enough to trip Kukoc
  Niggas mad tryin to catch me slippin
  But instead in out of town nigga catch me trippin
  I guess I sold out if they don't see me this winter
  The only thing I sold out was the CoreStates Center, Chi Ching
  Its BooBonic got blocks that stay bouncin
  You got baby weights six pounds and nine ounces
  I'm heavy out here get your shit together
  Tryin to sell it lightweight like Floyd Mayweather
  Wanna hit it like Bonic and get it like Bonic
  But that ain't ever happenin you can't spit it like Bonic
  Flow poison like B-B-D, I'm sharp and you VHS I'm DVD, Suckas
  Motherfuckas ain't lived the life
  Playas never commit shit I did your wife, Come on
  I'm the type of nigga get a whole lot of cash
  I'm the type of nigga get a whole lot of ass
  I'm the type of nigga got a whole lot of class
  But I'm the type of nigga that'll pull out fast
  Keep them diamonds white and blue
  Spend like the rich and your wife will do
  Hey that's just me ain't nothin I can do
  Plus my whole crew but no not you cause you a sucka
  [Verse 2: Mister]
  I'm T-I-G-H-T you can ask Michael Jackson who B-A-D
  See, I'm a thrilla, gangsta cat feela
  Take trips squad out each scared to feel 'em, nigga
  Top billa from Grant to Ben Franklin
  Cars they never used our whips is grand spankin
  Mister got 'em thinkin, ask yourself
  See who got the coke, the gun, who profit
  You take the pack, no gat so stop it
  Bitch we got it poppin, out cally knockin
  I wish, wit a dime ass bitch
  You rollin, in a Datsun wishin for a 6
  My neck stay froze reminds me of the roads
  Hoes, see the ice and they lose control
  My chain the main reason last winter was cold
  Uhh, take precaution when I'm flossin
  [Verse 3: Beanie Sigel]
  Who wanna see that, cat wit the crown on the P at?
  B-Mac, Philly can y'all be that
  See that, hit where the heat at
  See thin sticks where your weed at, streets and strips where I be at
  Blocks where my heart at
  44 bulldog bought back cats where they park at, off that
  Back to the drugs like Rite Aid, Walgreen's, Eckerd's
  Mac serve all things check it
  I buck stank coke move the best at night
  And got nicknames for smokers like Wesley Pipes
  Roberta Crack, Puff Daddy, Jennifer Dopez
  You know the bucks always gotta fuck wit them cokeheads
  Niggas pack tools and say fuck the DTs
  And move like cops, only come on TV, Yeah
  Straight up crooks got it honest in 'em
  They snatch your earrings since triangles and onyx in 'em
  Gangstas for the gangstas [Repeat 8X]

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