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Phantom Planet - Can't Take It

Tekst piosenki:

Something strange,
  Somehow I get the feeling
  I'm where everyone knows your name,
  It's not much different,
  but its surely not the same
  you'll find peace in knowing now,
  I'm so sick and tired of hearing myself
  believe me, I never guessed,
  You had one up your sleeve
  well there I go
  So smile you've done your part,
  but I'm waiting for someone to say,
  I cant take it any more, yea,
  Cant take it any more, yea
  Whats so wrong with being sad
  Left alone,
  I was stuck to go over all the things
  That I've done wrong,
  sure I was stuck in a hole
  But now we've got our song
  After all the love is gone,
  Where'd you get off saying
  It's not so lame
  We've had it different and
  I know we're not the same
  So there I go

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