Teksty piosenek / P / Peter Gabriel

  ...And Through The Wire

  Animal Magic

  A Wonderful Day In A One Day World

  Big Time


  Blood Of Eden

  Book of love

  Burn you up, burn you down

  Come Talk To Me



  Darkness (deutsche)

  Das Fischernetz

  Der rhythmus der hitze

  Digging In The Dirt


  Don't break this rhythm

  Don't Give Up

  Downside up

  Down The Dolce Vita

  Down The Dolce Vita

  Du bist nicht wie wir


  Ein normales leben

  Excuse Me

  Excuse Me


  Family Snapshot

  Father & son

  Flotsam And Jetsam

  Forteen black paintings

  Fourteen Black Paintings

  Frag mich nicht immer

  Games Without Frontiers

  Growing Up


  Here Comes The Flood

  Here Comes The Flood

  Home Sweet Home



  I Don't Remember

  I go swimming

  I Grieve

  I grieve (deutsche)

  I Have The Touch


  In the sun

  In the sun (deutsche)


  In Your Eyes

  Keine selbstkontrolle

  Kiss Of Life

  Kiss That Frog

  Kiss that frog (deutsche)

  Kon - takt

  Lay Your Hands On Me

  Lead A Normal Life

  Love To Be Loved


  Make tomorrow

  Me and my teddy bear

  Mercy Street

  Modern Love

  Modern Love

  More Than This

  Moribund The Burgermeister

  Moribund The Burgermeister

  Mother Of Violence

  My head sounds like that

  My head sounds like that (deutsche)

  My Head Souns Like That

  Nicht die erde hat dich verschluckt

  No Self-Control

  No self control

  Not One Of Us

  No Way Out

  Only Us

  On The Air

  Out out

  Party man


  Red Rain

  San Jacinto


  Schock den affen

  Secret World

  Shaking the tree

  Shock The Monkey

  Signal To Noise

  Sky Blue




  Solsbury Hill

  Solsbury Hill

  Solsbury Hill (deutsche)

  Spiel ohne grenzen


  That Voice Again

  The Barry Williams Show

  The Barry Williams Show (deutsche)

  The Drop

  The Family And The Fishing Net

  The Rhythm Of The Heat

  The story of ovo

  The time of the turning

  The tower that ate people

  This Is The Picture

  Waiting For The Big One

  Waiting For The Big One

  Walk through the fire


  Washing Of The Water

  We Do What We're Told

  When you're falling

  While the earth sleeps

  White Shadow

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