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Peter Evrard - The remedy

Tekst piosenki:

There's a light at the and of the tunnel.
   But it might be a runnaway train.
   So i turn and i run back to the darkness.
   There's a hand reaching out from the heavens.
   But i duck and i cover mu face.
   Cause they made me believe that God is heartless.
   I need to heal but it's so hard to believe love is real.
   How can i get better wen i keep on running from the remedy, from the one thing that i need.
   How can i recover wen i keep on holding on to memories, of the way love made me bleed.
   So long as a way of survival.
   I never let anybody get close.
   you can break a heart that's frozen.
   Wen you say you undo the damage.
   That's a pill that i can't get down.
   So i live with a sickness that keeps growing.

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